Discovering new opportunities with established molecules

The pharmaceutical industry and medical research communities are organized into separate disease areas with different goals. Often the scientific links and parallels between disease areas are not easy to detect and are frequently undiscovered. A fresh scientific cross-disease area assessment of a target or molecule often unlocks new opportunities for neglected molecules or even known drugs. Repurposing efforts, based upon new ideas, new knowledge, or even a more clear development and regulatory path in a disease, where one did not exist previously, are often enough to create a compelling argument to pursue development in a new area.  

Strekin’s strategy

We believe that novelty is defined as discovering new therapeutic options to treat a patient's disease. Our approach uses new scientific knowledge to discover previously unknown mechanisms of action for existing compounds, or new importance for an existing target in a different disease area. We start only with molecules that have been effectively optimized as drugs, with proven clinical safety records from either mid to late stage clinical trials, or real-world medical use. We find opportunities and generate the preclinical evidence to support the novel potential of the therapy. Since our molecules have extensive biological data, well-characterized formulation and manufacturing routes, and established safety records, we can move quickly into clinical testing.

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